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Scale - European farming

Scale-Large Scale European Farming

Spearhead International produces and delivers high quality agricultural products in large volumes to consistently high standards, with traceability from "seed to shelf".

Spearhead operates through local subsidiaries in the UK (5,800 hectares), Poland (30,700 hectares), the Czech Republic (26,200 hectares), Romania (16,200 hectares) and Slovakia (5,500 hectares).

Land tenure systems vary from country to country but Spearhead prefers to farm as tenant and preserve its financial resources for working capital and mechanisation. Land is selected for soil quality and the opportunity to farm in large blocks. By ensuring that Spearhead is a good and responsible tenant, it aims to be a long term occupant and to optimise yield and quality through a policy of good husbandry.

As one of the largest producers in the region, Spearhead has the ability to enter into supply arrangements for large quantities of produce.

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