Greens Farming Ltd: beetroot for Queen's Award winner

Greens Farming Ltd, a UK subsidiary of Spearhead International Ltd, supplies beetroot to G's Fresh Beetroot Ltd which has won the Queen's Award for Enterprise.

The award recognised innovation in the development of beetroot products.

Greens Farming Ltd grows 800 hectares of beetroot (which is 60% of the crop grown in the UK) supplying packers, processors and bottlers producing a range of products (fresh, bunched, vacuum-packed, pickled, juice, and as an ingredient in other products). Beetroot is supplied from the farms throughout the year, either directly harvested (mid-June to November) or out of store.

The enterprise is an example of Spearhead International's co-operation with landowners for the best soils, and with customers to develop markets for the crop.

A newspaper article, reporting the Award and the farming and production process, describes the versatility of beetoot in a range of food products.

Spearhead International is a European farming group supplying food processors, manufacturers and retailers. Farming approximately 90,000 hectares we have the scale to reliably deliver high quality produce. We manage risk through diversity of geography, enterprise selection, management and marketing.

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