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We sustainably operate approximately 90,000 hectares of high-quality, agricultural land in Poland, Czech Republic, UK, Romania and Slovakia. Within these countries, we employ more than 1,600 people across 25 principal locations. The majority of this land is held via long-term leases. Spearhead owns only a few properties in areas where its core infrastructure is located.


Our diversified production includes grains and oilseeds, potatoes and vegetables, sugar beet, seed crops, milk and livestock and other products. We deliver a highly differentiated offering to our diverse base of customers while meeting strict European quality and traceability standards.

As well as our primary agricultural production, we have also developed upstream and downstream activities. These include seeds, supply chain management, vegetable processing and biogas.

Our long-term lease-based business model and unique land portfolio differentiate us from our competitors.


Spearhead is a key aggregator in our markets, cooperating with third-party growers who provide supplies of agricultural products, thanks to which it increases its production capacity. Additionally, Spearhead provides services to independent farmers. Our long-term lease-based business model allows for rapid expansion and scalability, enhancing returns. We have doubled our farmed land over the past 10 years and we have significantly increased our revenue.

Our business is supported by long-term relationships with our customers confident in our ability to deliver the ingredients vital for their success consistently and cost-effectively using cutting edge agricultural technology. We achieve this through deploying innovative digital farming techniques, utilising diversity of climate and crop selection, as well as taking advantage of the range of latitudes across our five core markets, helping to mitigate the risks of climate and the variable nature of commodity markets.

Our operational structure is designed to ensure the essential local attention to detail and decision making while at the same time exploiting the Company’s scale and management track-record. We have a dedicated Land Department in each of our local markets. Staff members in this function are highly experienced in acquiring, registering and maintaining leases, and possess good local knowledge with a network of strong local relationships.


We are committed to improving the sustainability of food production.

We do this by:

  • Maintenance and improvement of productive land

  • Efficient use of resources

  • Economic viability of operations

  • Protection of biodiversity

  • Minimising impact on the local and wider environment

Spearhead International is a European farming group supplying food processors, manufacturers and retailers. Farming approximately 90,000 hectares we have the scale to reliably deliver high quality produce. We manage risk through diversity of geography, enterprise selection, management and marketing.

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