Our history dates back to 1966 when Greens of Soham began to farm in the United Kingdom. In 2000, Spearhead was formed as a result of the merger of Greens of Soham and Farmwealth, owner of a leading Polish farm business which operated on former Polish state farms via long-term leases with low fixed rents, and also in the Czech Republic.

Since then, the Group has grown consistently and has received significant capital injections from respected investors.

In 2007 and 2008 Altima Partners invested in the Group, supporting its next phase of growth.

In July 2015, Paine Schwartz Partners, a leading private equity firm that focuses on complex investment opportunities in the fast growing, dynamic global food and agribusiness sectors, acquired Spearhead. Since the acquisition, we have benefited from Paine Schwartz’s expertise in the global agricultural market.

  • Aquisition Suchdol Biogas plant in Czech Republic

  • Aquisition Rolana Czech Republic

    Aquisition UK Suffolk Potatoes

    Aquisition Książ Rol in Poland

  • Aquisition Top Ekos the Czech Republic

    Aquisition Kardasov a Recice in Czech Republic

    Aquisition Top Pomorskie in Poland

  • Key event Acquisition by Paine & Partners

  • Aquisition Biogas plant at ADM in Czech Republic

    Aquisition Italian farm in Romania

    Aquisition Radar in Slovakia

    Aquisition PD Podhorany in Slovakia

    Aquisition Salad Potato Project, UK

  • Aquisition Masfrost & Ziebice, veg freezing in Poland

    Aquisition Rolimpex, seeds in Poland

  • Aquisition Piasty Wielkie in Poland

    Aquisition French farm in Romania

  • Aquisition New contract farming in UK

  • Aquisition Agrofundusz Mazury in Poland

    Aquisition Agrosumak in the Czech Republic

    Aquisition Green Point in Slovakia

    Aquisition Jagrol in Poland

  • Aquisition Agromec and Aliprod in Romania

    Aquisition Salix in the Czech Republic

  • Aquisition Rovina in Czech Republic

    Key event Altima follows with further investment in Spearhead

    Aquisition Agrinatura in Romania

  • Key event Romania and Bulgaria join the EU

    Key event Altima invests in Spearhead

  • Key event Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland join the EU

  • Aquisition Czempin and Gola in Poland

  • Key event Spearhead International Ltd is formed by the merger of Greens of Soham Ltd and Farmwealth

  • Aquisition Głubczyce in Poland

  • Aquisition Jihlava and Tabor in the CzechRepublic

  • Key event Farmwealth begins farming in Poland on former State farms, securing long leases with low fixed rents

    Aquisition Siedlisko in Poland

  • Key event Greens Farming established in the UK

Spearhead International is a European farming group supplying food processors, manufacturers and retailers. Farming approximately 90,000 hectares we have the scale to reliably deliver high quality produce. We manage risk through diversity of geography, enterprise selection, management and marketing.

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