Downstream activities

The business has a proven track record with over 50 years of expertise allowing it to consistently deliver large volumes of agricultural products while meeting strict and international quality and traceability standards. This has made it an established key supplier to many international food producers and customers.

Supply chain management, biogas production and grain trading are key elements of Spearhead’s downstream activities. Spearhead also undertakes a wide range of post-harvest crop processing activities to add value to its crops and meet specific customer requirements. These include size and quality grading, cleaning and drying, washing, topping and tailing, peeling, preparation and packing. Spearhead owns and operates 4 biogas power stations in the Czech Republic.

Spearhead International is a European farming group supplying food processors, manufacturers and retailers. Farming approximately 90,000 hectares we have the scale to reliably deliver high quality produce. We manage risk through diversity of geography, enterprise selection, management and marketing.

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